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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 Recommended Websites
Food Storage Made Easy http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/ babysteps/step-3-three-months-of-normal-food/

Jodi and Julie show us how to be prepared with all aspects of home storage, including getting our three month supply in order.
Follow this link http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/fsme/docs/

3monthfoodsupply-new.xls to a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that has what you will need to get organized. They also provide a menu planner here http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/fsme/docs/3monthfoodsupply.pdf

This site is well worth your time.
Prepared LDS Family http://www.preparedldsfamily.blogspot.com/p/free-printables.html

A link to the printables page of Valerie’s Blog. Valerie has an easy to follow system for getting your food storage together in one year. This is easily adapted to the 3-Month plan. She also has a great handout “A suggested 3-month Food Storage Plan”. It has all the basics you might need with the amounts for one adult.
Food Storage Lady http://www.foodstoragelady.blogspot.com/

Look at the post for SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 2008 Building a three month supply of food: stocking your pantry for some ways to begin planning.
Real Life Food Storage http://www.reallifefoodstorage.com/

 Eat Better For Less, Every Day. This site has wonderful practical food storage recipes.  Every Day Food Storage http://www.everydayfoodstorage.net/

Crystal is a personal food storage trainer. Her site has many downloads http://everydayfoodstorage.net/download-handouts
 (including the three-month supply list, that I personally like) and several how to videos that cover a wide variety of food storage topics. http://everydayfoodstorage.net/videos that are worth watching!

PG Utah Stake website http://pgward.org/ep/
This site has a ton of information about all things preparedness and several great posts about all aspects of your 3-month supply.
The Food Storage Shopper http://thefoodstorageshopper.net/training-shopping/3-month-food-supply/  has put together a how to article that is a great place to start.
Provident Living https://www.lds.org/family/family-well-being/home-storage?lang=eng The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints official site for all things preparedness!

3 Month  Supply...      How?
. Make a list of meals your family normally eats
. Determine how much you go through in three months
. Use foods from your pantry daily
. Replace what you have used—rotate your items
. Budget some money—figure out what you can spare and
think of it as an investment.
. Give it time and thought—Develop a Plan
Shop grocery sales
Bulk buy
Buy one extra
Use coupons
Buy on sale items
. Go to http://mounthoodmormonnews.blogspot.com for links
to helpful websites and search the internet.


A well-stocked three-month pantry allows you to cook and enjoy most recipes without running to the store!
For more tips and tricks for using food storage everyday,
visit www.everydayfoodstorage.NET

Baking Ingredients
Baking chips (butterscotch, milk chocolate,
semisweet, white, etc.)
Baking chocolate squares (semisweet, unsweetened)
Baking powder
Baking soda
Corn meal
Corn syrup
Cream of tartar
Extracts (almond, maple, mint, vanilla)
Flour (all-purpose, bread, etc)
Food coloring
Gelatin (flavored, plain)
Milk (evaporated, sweetened condensed)
Nonstick cooking spray
Nuts (almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts)
Oil (olive, vegetable)
Pie filling
Salt and Pepper
Spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, etc.)
Sugar (brown, confectioners’, granulated)
Tapioca, quick-cooking
Baking Mixes
Corn bread
Frosting, canned
Pudding, instant
Quick bread
Canned or Bottled Foods
Beans (black, great northern, kidney, pinto,
Broth (beef, chicken)
Fruits (fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges,
peaches, pears, pineapple, etc.)
Green chilies
Jam and Jelly
Meats (beef, chicken, ham, etc.)
Peanut butter
Prepared entrées (chile, ravioli, spaghetti,
soups, stews, etc.)
Sauces (Alfredo, cheese, picante, spaghetti,
Soups, condensed (chicken, mushroom,
celer y, etc.)
Tomatoes (diced, paste, sauce, stewed)
Vegetables (Corn, green beans, peas)
Dried Fruits and Veggies
Peppers (bell, hot, etc.)
Bouillon granules (beef, chicken)
Browning and seasoning sauce
Hot pepper sauce
Onion soup mix
Seasoned salt
Soy sauce
Taco seasoning
Vinegar (balsamic, cider, red wine, white,
Worcestershire sauce
Bread (pita, sandwich)
Bread crumbs, dry
Crackers (graham, soda, etc.)
Noodle mixes
Pasta (noodles, macaroni, penne, spaghetti,
Rice, instant
Rice mixes
Stuffing mix
Storage, Long-Term*
Dried beans (black, kidney, navy, pinto)
Nonfat dry milk powder
Oats (regular, Instant)
Potato (flakes, Pearls)
Rice (instant, long grain etc.)
Wheat (red or white)
Egg powder

*Long-term storage items: In addition to the LDS cannery, where you can your own items; some items can be bought
pre-canned from www.ldscatalog.com and shipped to you. The website also offers a great long-term storage Starter
Kit of six #10 Cans—2 red wheat, 2 white rice, 1 pinto beans, and 1 quick oats.
When you buy, consider buying two—one to use and one to store. The best grocery sales come before holidays.
Save money toward these sales. This list will help you decide what items to stock; modify it to suit your family.


THREE MONTH SUPPLY - Recommended Reading

The Ball Blue Book, guide to preserving. Hearthmark, Inc 2009  

Chioffi, Nancy. Keeping the Harvest: preserving your fruits, vegetables & herbs. Pownal, VT, Storey Communications, Inc, 1994

Costenbader, Carol.  The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest. North Adams, MA, Storey Publications, Inc. 2002  

Eliason, Karine.  Make-A-Mix, 306 Recipes to Save Time and Money. Boulder, CO, Fisher Books, 1995

Emery, Carla. The Encyclopedia of Country Living, an Old Fashioned Recipe Book. Seattle, WA, Sasquatch Books, 1994  

Goodman, Myra. Food to Live By. New York, NY, Workman Publishing Co, 2006

Hupping, Carol, editor. Stocking Up: the third edition of the classic preserving guide. New York, NY, Simon & Schuster 1990

Jackson, Jan. 100 Day Pantry: Quick and Easy Gourmet Meals. Springville, UT, Cedar Fort, Inc. 2010

Main, Jan. The Best Freezer Cookbook: Freezer Friendly Recipes, Tips and Techniques. Toronto, Canada, Robert Rose, Inc. 2001

Taylor-Hough, Deborah. Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month. Milwaukee, WI, Champion Press Ltd, 2002

Watson, Linda. Wildly Affordable Organic, Eat Fabulous Food, Get Healthy, and Save the Planet on $5 a Day or Less. Cambridge, MA, Da Capo Press, 2011

Wilson, Amy. Once-A-Month Cooking: A Time-Saving, Budget- Stretching Plan to Prepare Delicious Meals. Colorado Springs, CO: Focus on the Family Publishing, 1992

Wohlenhaus, Tara. The Freezer Cooking Manual, A Month of Meals Made Easy. Brownsburg, IN, 30 Day Gourmet Press, 1999



o Store your basic pantry items—the things that you will use regularly.
o Store foods you regularly eat—it is a waste of money and space to purchase and store something that you won’t use, even if you got a good deal on it.
o Store refrigerator and freezer foods—learn the basics of freezing fruits and vegetables, or buy from the grocery store. This will give you a variety of foods available.
o Don’t forget to include non-food items—Toilet Paper, Toothpaste, Batteries, Soap, Cold Medicine, Pain Reliever, Personal Items, you get the idea.
o Store Water
o Store Fuel



o Save money during challenging economic times
o Food prices are going up—get it now and save money
o Peace of Mind for:

Potential Job Loss
Natural Disaster
Meal Planning purposes
Winter Storms
o You can control what your family eats and eat healthy, nutritious meals
o Even if you don’t cook from your pantry all the time, knowing that you CAN gives you a sense of power and freedom.


A well-stocked three-month pantry allows you to cook
and enj   *********oy most recipes without running to the store!most recipes without running to the store!

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