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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Dry-Pack Canning Tips to Get you Started
Suggested items for dry-pack canning include:
         White Rice
         Whole Corn
         Nonfat Dry Milk
         White Flour
         De-germed Cornmeal
         Granulated Sugar
         Potato Flakes
         Hot Chocolate
Canning sealers are available for use in the centers. Portable canning sealers may be borrowed by those wishing to do canning elsewhere.

Are #10 cans a packaging option for emergency kits?
No. Many emergency kit items are not suitable for packaging in cans. First-aid items and food like granola bars are best stored in containers with removable lids, allowing frequent rotation.

Why use DRY PACK Canning method?

          Airtight (hermetically sealed) #10 cans, either flushed with carbon dioxide or packed with oxygen absorbers, protect products from moisture and vermin.
          Number 10 cans, 7" high by 6" diameter are easy to handle, move and store. Cartons hold 6 cans for easy transport and storage and are available at the cannery.
          Not everything should be dry-packed into a can. Products with a high oil or moisture content should not be dry-packed.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dry Pack Canning:
·         Botulism poisoning is likely if moist products are stored in packaging that reduces oxygen. Products stored in airtight cans with oxygen absorbers must be dry (10% or less moisture).
·         Don’t use oxygen absorbers with sugar. Using the oxygen absorbers in the sugar will harden the sugar.
Storage life can be significantly impacted by the following conditions:                         Temperature: Store products at a temperature of 75°F/24°C or lower whenever possible. If storage temperatures are higher, rotate products as needed to maintain quality.                                                         Moisture: Keep storage areas dry. Keep containers off of the floor to allow for air circulation.                                   Light: Store #10 cans away from indirect light.
How much does each #10 can hold?

The total fill volume of a #10 can is approximately eight-tenths (0.82) gallon.

The weight varies by product. A #10 can holds:
v 5.8 pounds (2.6 kg) of wheat
v 5.7 pounds (2.6 kg) of white rice
v 4.1 pounds (2.3 kg) of nonfat, instant dry milk.

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