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Friday, December 2, 2011


Click on the titles below for handouts about beans.  After you click on the title, click "open" to view or print the handout.

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  1. I taught a bean class at a Preparedness Fair that our stake had a long time ago. I had received many recipes when living in Nevada. One was for Pinto Bean Fudge. Needless to say I had some raised eyebrows when I said I was going to serve some that day. I made almost 2000 pieces to serve and used all of them. There is no bean taste and I had some converts by the time the days were over. You need to have it so that you include more versatility in using beans. Also,NEVER add soda to get rid of gas. Just bring soaked beans to a boil, drain and repeat until no foam comes to the surface. Add some cooking oil and a little salt and finish cooking. I grow my own dry beans and this works great! If you have any questions, just contact me. Thank you, Cheryl Tuttle. You can contact me through Bro. Dennis Tanner.